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 My/our story... I don't and I can't say goodbye

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My/our story... I don't and I can't say goodbye Empty
PostSubject: My/our story... I don't and I can't say goodbye   My/our story... I don't and I can't say goodbye I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 15, 2009 8:49 pm

I promised more words and here they are.
First of all I’d like to start with me, so it will be easier to understand what follows.
I’m really really really proud to have gathered people like you all and have built something which goes outside the game, and I wanna call it friendship.
I’ve always loved the idea to face challenges, and when I saw that that guild “H a r d C o r e”, borned to be more a social and casual guild then an hardcore raiding guild, was spreading and getting bigger with good players, there started the real job.
Yes because it has been a job for me. I’m that kind of person that when takes the charge of something, has to carry those duties forward in the best possible way and in the respect of each other. And I was sure it would have become a job, because it takes time, will and skill.
Now the summer has started, and I already used a thread on it. Half the guild left for RL reasons, and many just have their game time limited cause of exams or other stuffs.
I’m one of those who has his time randomly busy in this period, cause I’m also working, and I cannot fully dedicate myself to the guild.
I’ve been always clear, and in particular right now I want to warn everyone that I cannot anymore do that properly. Till 3 weeks ago I organized 25men raids, I was continuingly speaking in private to settle problems among people, I was strict and sticked to the rules to make them being followed, I was making pots and consumables needed for the raids and so on, and everything ends to be a job and sadly a stress as well.
And since I’m losing or maybe I already lost that “fun” that the game should provide me, right now I just want to play relaxed and have fun with friends. Also I don’t have materially the time to do what I’ve done till now.
That’s why I spoke with Razex and Nathia about it, and they said they would have led 25men raids. I was sure they would have replaced “my job” greatly.
But 10 minutes ago another exodus started, this time even without waves. I feel really disappointed cause I didn’t expected those people doing a shit like that. Out of reality.
We just came to a point in which I let you guys be eaten by other guilds. I say these words really feeling bad, but I think I have to do it. I would never leave you all, and it’s quite sure I’ll stay for now inside the guild with my fellows just to play in a casual way.
Enjoy your summer mates. Mine has already be wounded cause I tried to keep us all united, but even an apparent solid merge showed his worst face.
I’m writing this in public so everyone knows and will know in short terms what’s the story.

P.s. I’ve a lot of mates in msn so I can keep contacts. If there’s someone reading who didn’t give it to me and wants to do it, share it here with everyone or just pm me.
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My/our story... I don't and I can't say goodbye
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