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 Expectations from an HardCore Member

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PostSubject: Expectations from an HardCore Member   Expectations from an HardCore Member I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 21, 2009 2:54 pm

Attendence and Sit out

As an HardCore member, you're expected to have an 70% Attendence Record at an absolute minimum. This is going to start getting monitered and if you fail to acheive this and you didn't give a acceptable reason, you will be demoted from member status back to trial status.

Further to the above comment, if can't be online for whatever reason it is YOUR responsibility to let the GM or Assistants know you won't be online. Don't just advise your mate and expect him to pass the message on - that's your responsibility.

Punctuality, positive mindsetting and the right behaviour during the whole raid. Constant afk’ing, leaving early or making everytime the same mistakes will be dealt with swiftly and certainly not in your favor.

Progression & Raiding

At the moment we raid 3 days a week - Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday/Tuesday. Invites start at 8:30pm Server Time with raids starting at 9:00pm. Subsequently, all HardCore Raiders are expected to be in the instance and ready to start at this time. It is NOT tolerated to be asking for summons at 9:10pm or asking for someone to make you pots etc any time after 9pm. If that happens, there will be DKP penalties, and if it becomes an habit your guild's kick will be around the corner.

Every raider is expected to be flask'd/elixir'd and have foods on for Progression Content. If you're unable to make this, then start looking for another guild.

When raiding, we expect 110% Concentration and Commitment from every single one of our raiders. This means that going AFK for whatever reason without permission from the GM or Assistants will not be tolerated. Players effort will be monitored aswell, and if someone has a bad performance he will be spoken to. At this point, if he doesn't improve or show he's TRYING to improve at least, then the next guild's kick will be expected to come soon.

Even if the guild is on a 'Farming status', Raiders are expected to keep their focus on raids. Whilst conversations will be casual, we still demand 110% commitment from every raider. They will be taken the right measures if it's displayed a lack of effort.


HardCore is a solid guild as far as concerns PvP too. So, even if our goal is to progress on PvE as a solid team on every challenge we face and we'll face in order to reach an elite spot in the server, we encourage PvP aswell cause in most cases PvP'ers are generally excellent at PvE also and they shouldn't have the so-called 'tunnel vision'.


Like any community, we realise that you won't agree with every decision, but we expect that you will respect them. Any discussion, conflict or drama will be dealt with outside of the raid enviroment. A private forum exists for those reasons too.

Essentially, we are first of all a group of friends and it comes along the respect for each one.

If you feel these strict expectations overcoming the entertain, making it "a job", it means you didn't catch the right message. PvE, and PvP aswell, has to be taken as a challenge, like any competitive sport IRL. Joining such a raid team encompasses accepting the expectations, fortitude and determination that come with that position.

That's all it is.

Raiding is all about the expectations of attitude, execution and attendance. It's admitting to your raid mates when you did a mistake, without being frightened to be judged negatively. It's attending with the right mood. It's treating your mates with the highest respect. It's taking care that you are part of a group that is willing to spend 2,3,4 hours together, with the aim to have fun and gratification. And if you don't feel that, or simply you can't fit to that, you have not the requirements you are supposed to have and you won't find our team suitable...
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Expectations from an HardCore Member
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