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 [ACCEPTED]Noxxen, the Orc. Fury Warrior application.

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PostSubject: [ACCEPTED]Noxxen, the Orc. Fury Warrior application.   Mon Mar 30, 2009 12:17 am

- Personal name: Michał (Michael)
- Age: 22
- Gender: male
- Nationality: Polish

- Character Name: Noxxen
- Class/Race: warrior/orc
- Professions and their skill levels(including secondary ones):
BS- 407 (access to sockets)
FA- 350 (got all mats prepared for ench 400, +64 ap)
Fishing- 100
Cooking- 276
Am not earning on proffesions, mostly on trade and sell. That's why buffs are more important for me than skill points.

- Total time "/played": On my previous char- Berra it was 75 days. Have been playing Noxxen for aprox. 10 days.
- Link to your character profile from the armory: Today I have obtained 3 new items- Maly ring, Maly quest amu, Leather dps blet from Naxx. http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=The+Venture+Co&n=Noxxen
- Your main/preferred spec: fury
- Would you like to respecc? As long as I can loot 2 handers as primary specc I can even jump from one to another and offheal with first aid.
- What's your dps (with self-buffs) on an Heroic Target Dummy? (considering you're a dpser of course): 2650 (recount still is working for few seconds after test is done, check next screen to verify it): http://www.fotosik.pl/pokaz_obrazek/c1ac656906383631.html
- Have you got any alt?: No. Have always been focusing on one character only. What's the point of having 2 under[skilled, geared, played] characters?!

- What guild(s) were you in before applying and why did you leave them? (before WotLK too):
2 Guilds I've been in so far. The Tyrus Order (3 times in total with previous character- Berra) and Solid Grip. Eventually I have left TTO week ago due to "odd" PVE politics. I was also a GM of Solid Grip bg-oriented pvp guild. Decided to disband it after vacation time year ago- it shattered while my 45 days absence.
- Your Previous Raid Experience: WOTLK: All excelt 25 KT, Saph, Maly. BC: 3/4 Eye, 5/6 SSC
- What's your role in raid?: Beat the hell out of whatever is read not overaggroing it. That include staying alive of course ;].
- Link to a screenshot of your current UI (you can host it here): Comment: I got 25+ keybinded abilities including macros. http://www.fotosik.pl/pokaz_obrazek/b38dfbb845827620.html

- Why should we prefer you instead of others (same class) in your opinion?: I am really excited to join you since I have fount many great pvpers in Hardcore. They might not recognise me but I do recall their nicks and skills. A guild with PVE and skilled PVP is my dreamland.
- Do you feel skilled as a player?: It's not good to boast yourself, but defenetly- yes. I am skilled.
- What are you goals besides character development?: Fun on BGs, sense of humour on chat, meetnig new part of TVC society.
- Are you pvper? Do you like it? Have you ever reached a good rating?: Hell, yes, but not lately. Defenetly don't like current PVP situation in general. I'm so annoyed that I made a break of PVP. At the moment I am boosting my friend (Azhin+Berra, Rogue+Hunter season 4 1950 highest rating withouth s3 weapons) and his pally character. We are preparing to have a nice lunch with arenas on S5.
- Do you know someone in HardCore?: As I said, I recall some nicks but thats all. Played some arenas with few of your members on BC. Nothing successful though.
- Do you have issues with D/C due to internet/computer problems?: None.
- What kind of person are you in real life? What can you bring to us? How do you partecipate for example in a guild chat? Michale is a calm, patient and very formal person. He consequently realises his targets. Very reliable, never late and trustworthy. He doesn't lack a sense of humour but it's rather sarcastic than polite.
- Is there something more you want to add?: Yes.
My previous character (and the only one by the way) was Berra, the huntress. Unfortunately due to consequences of starting new major on university I decided to give up wow. Nearly 2 months ago I got an opportunity of returning, bought new account with Noxxen (Berra was sold before Wotlk release) and started gaming again.

There is also one more thing. I have a "soulmate" that play my account when I'm offline. He helps alot with grinding stuff, organising bank and sells. Very helpful. Thanks to him I have achieved great progress in last 6-7 weeks.
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PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED]Noxxen, the Orc. Fury Warrior application.   Mon Mar 30, 2009 12:39 am

Welcome noxx, or berra better Wink

Elegant and well-filled application.

Our melee lines are quite filled, even if a warrior can cover more than a dps spot.

Poke me in-game to have some words about this situation.

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PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED]Noxxen, the Orc. Fury Warrior application.   Mon Mar 30, 2009 11:08 pm

Welcome aboard,

in for a trial.

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PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED]Noxxen, the Orc. Fury Warrior application.   

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[ACCEPTED]Noxxen, the Orc. Fury Warrior application.
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