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 Ranks and Responsibilities

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PostSubject: Ranks and Responsibilities   Ranks and Responsibilities I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 30, 2009 9:02 pm


HardCore ranks are intended to to give a description of each member’s role and responsibilities in the guild.

/g kick flirter:
As the name suggests, it's really sad to have members on this rank. If you have been demoted to this rank, then you're about to be kicked from the guild.
This rank has no guild bank or guild chat privileges, and is used in those exceptionally rare circumstances that
we need to enforce a "time out" on a member.
Take advantage of the "quiet time alone" to reflect on your behavior, and adjust accordingly.


read Bank Policies

read Alt Policies

This rank includes non-raiding members or players who applied just to join the community rather than for the chance at a raid spot. You just follow us on our journey, but since you carry our tag, it’s needed an application and an interview with the Guild Leader before getting in, and if the latter one decides with the officers that you don’t even deserve our tag cause you could ruin our names, well I’m sorry but we are not clowns.
It may also include retired raiders, or raiders who have fallen behind the "gear curve" and are no longer eligible to attend progression content.
This is why social members are the last call to fill missing spots in a raid.

If for any reason a social member wants to start raiding, he has to open a thread in which he clearly announces his willing to be part of our raiding core; in this way he will become an Initiate, which is the first step for every raider. Of course if a class is already full of raiders, social members might not be eligible to achieve a raiding spot.
Being a social rank, people can view and speak in guild chat, as well as view guild and officer notes. They receive full forum access as well.

To summarize in few points, this rank:
    - is an official one, it means you are officially inside the guild
    - bypasses the Initiate, cause the latter one is just meant for raiders
    - includes inactive players, social players
    - sticks to the guild rules as every other rank
    - has the last call on both progress and farming raids
    - earn EPGP
    - is eligible to take a loot if no raiders need it; main spec raiders/members > main spec social member > off spec raiders (exceptions can be made if the guild needs a certain raider to be versatile)

All prospective members begin as Initiates. This is a probation period which represents the chance to become acquainted with the guild. At the same time, it gives the guild an opportunity to know the Initiate. We strongly believe in investing in our members, be it in terms of time, effort or gear. In return, we request a commitment from them to abide by our Code of Conduct and general guild rules and to safeguard our reputation on the server. The Initiate phase ensures that neither side enters into this agreement blindly.

Initiates can view and speak in guild chat, as well as view guild and officer notes. They receive full forum access and are generally prioritized above Members and Raiders on getting a spot into FARMING RAIDS. Initiates earn EPGP, but are not eligible for loot except as an alternative to sharding.

In order to be promoted to Member, the Initiate must:
1) follow what is said above
2) be an Initiate for no less than 2 weeks
3) participate in a minimum of one guild run
4) prove himself worthy for a spot
This trial period can last up to 3 weeks. We hope that you will have no hard feelings for us if we choose not to extend full membership at the end of your trial period, cause it’s really possible to don’t satisfy our needs.

Players who have passed the Trial period will get into this rank. Members have showed their skill and their attitude and can keep a spot inside the guild. Members have the same priviligies as far as concerns the bank, the alts, the loots and so on, but their only limit consists in having a priority under Raiders while making a raid.
As a member you are asked to watch the forum constantly and show it by not falling from the sky when new measures are taken, and meet the requirements listed on “Expectations from an HardCore member”.

There can be 2 ways to be a Member:
- you have passed your trial and you are now showing you are worth to be a Raider. It means this rank can be an ulterior test for those players who still have to improve something. You'll be kept a Member till you show us you can do that jump: this means it can last from 1 week up to forever.
- you have been demoted to this rank. The reason is always the same: you don't deserve an equal priority as the other Raiders. Mainly this happens when we are full of active players on a specific class, and so we have to be more choosey from those players in order to find (if exists) someone who slacks more. For example, to be clear, if we have 2 warriors fury, they can be both raiders if they deserve it, without creating problems, while having 5 warriors, and moreover they all are active players, means that we'll have to monitor the numbers and give the priority to the ones we think can bring more to our raids.
Pay attention that this doesn't wanna become a reason of internal drama. Yes you can disapprove such a decision, but keep always in mind that these kind of decisions are made in order to progress in the best possible way, and rather then feel sad about it, improve and show your prowess.
Of course this kind of "problem" is generally taken in considaration while recruiting, but can happen that sleepy or social members suddenly decide to raid 24/7.

Raiders have showed their skill and their attitude, and are capable of raiding at the guild’s current level of progression. This should be largely the widest Rank in terms of numbers.
All Raiders are expected to sign-up for ALL raids listed on the raid planner – Sign for raids you can attend, un-sign for raids you cannot attend and sign as un-sure for raids you are not sure if you can be there or not.

To achieve this rank, and to hold a spot in it, you must:
    - keep an attendance higher than 70%; otherwise you'll be demoted to Member or more to Social.
    - have the numbers. It means a consistent dps for dpsers, a good amount of heals for healers.
    - sign-up in advance for all scheduled raids (at least 24h before);
    - flasked/elixired to every raid
    - be on-time and either in the staging area or zoned-in to the raid instance at its scheduled start time.

    - know the guild rules deeply, without incurring in any bad behavior
    - acquire confidence with other members and the guild itself

HardCore Raider

If you have made it this far, than you have achieved greatness, proving yourself worthy.
As the title suggests, our HardCore Raiders form the raiding core of our guild.
The promotion is given by the Guild Leader, accorded with the officers aswell.
This is not a restricted rank, it means that even every raider should become an HardCore one (we hope so).
Core Raiders have all of the privileges enjoyed by normal Raiders. In addition, they:

- hold a sure spot into our progress raids
- receive first priority on raid loots (e.g. mounts, quest items)

In order to be promoted to this rank, a raider must:
    - be a Raider for no less than 3 weeks.
    - attend at least to 90% of raids;
    - show his interest on progressing as a team, farming what's needed and even what’s not needed
    - know his class deeply, without incurring in any error
    - maintain an active, helpful and lively presence in game, in the guild chat and on the message boards.
    - be considered eligible by the Guild Leader to cover this important rank.


Officers are entrusted people chosen by the Guild Leader to help actively to the development of the guild.
They are responsible for carrying out tasks set by the GM in his absence.
They are also a point of contact for members who wish to settle a dispute that they cannot solve by themselves.
They are responsible of the guild's day-to-day management.

With support from the Guild Leader, Officers have the responsibility for researching, organizing, preparing and actively participating to all progression raid attempts (or of designating others to do the same), helping the Guild Leader on his leading role.

More specifically, they:
    - assist with raid scheduling and organization
    - assist with our epgp system
    - help the raid leader, making his life easier, starting by not over-using the chat or raid warnings while instead using /w when it's possible
    - participate in the recruitment process, especially interviewing and trialing new and prospective members
    - monitor raiders' performances, giving tips and warning if something goes bad
    - assist guild members with obtaining items from restricted tabs
    - act as leads for their respective classes, providing guidance when necessary or requested and often managing class roles during raids (even in /w)
    - vote upon promotions, demotions, etc..
    - maintain an active, helpful and lively presence in game, in the guild chat and on the message boards.

Guild Leader

Vasquack is the commander in chief of the guild.
There's only one overall leader to this guild.
Guild Leader is a largely administrative position, with many responsibilities:
    -keeping the stability in the guild
    -ensuring that any disputes not settled by the officers are settled amicably
    -maintaining and enforcing the guild's policies and procedures
    -controlling the recruitment
    -promoting and demoting
    -punishing those who break our laws
    -administering the forum and Ventrilo.

A member should NOT completely rely everything on the GuildLeader. His life is for definition busy, and it can also happen that for any reason he's not able to act in time: this can't lead to a collapse. Also the stress related to having all these tasks on his shoulders should be mitigated by every member by acting in the right way and by [b]cooperating to run a funny guild without problems.

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Ranks and Responsibilities
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