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 How to become one of Us.

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How to become one of Us. Empty
PostSubject: How to become one of Us.   How to become one of Us. I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 05, 2009 2:46 pm

Welcome to the HardCore's application form.

Minimum requirements to become a trial of HardCore guild are the following:
* Extensive WoW experience.
* Available to raid 20:30-24:00 server time. Raiding days are Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday/Monday
* Player level 80
* Enchantments and gems on gear to maximize your contribution in raids.
* Come prepared to raids and keep your potions well stocked.
* Discipline, Dedication, Respect, Maturity and Iron Will.
* If you are applying to other guilds at the same time, you may be not welcome here.

If you meet those requirements, you can go on. Otherwise, stop here.
You have just to copy the informations below, create a new topic (CharacterName, Class, Spec), and paste them.
Short answers on discursive questions are not welcome cause it means you are not getting us in the right way.
If the applaction is accepted, you'll be advised on your topic about it and an in-game interview will take place.

- Personal name:
- Age:
- Gender:
- Nationality:

- Character Name:
- Class/Race:
- Professions and their skill levels(including secondary ones):
- Total time "/played":
- Link to your character profile from the armory:
- Your main/preferred spec:
Would you like to respecc?
- What's your dps (with self-buffs) on an Heroic Target Dummy? (considering you're a dpser of course):
- Have you got any alt?:

- What guild(s) were you in before applying and why did you leave them? (before WotLK too):
- Your Previous Raid Experience:
- What's your role in raid?:
- Link to a screenshot of your current UI (you can host it here):
- How many raids you can attend to? (fill with any note you want, e.g. "yes, but I have to leave early")
    Wednesday: yes/no
    Thursday: yes/no
    Sunday: yes/no
    Monday: yes/no

- Why should we prefer you instead of others (same class) in your opinion?:
- Do you feel skilled as a player?:
- What are you goals besides character development?:
- Are you pvper? Do you like it? Have you ever reached a good rating?:
- Do you know someone in HardCore?:
- Do you have issues with D/C due to internet/computer problems?:
- What kind of person are you in real life? What can you bring to us? How do you partecipate for example in a guild chat?
- Is there something more you want to add?:

I've read and I accept the threads wrote under the Guild info section.

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How to become one of Us.
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