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PostSubject: Alt Policy   Alt Policy I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 11, 2009 4:49 pm

Alt Policy

Once you have successfully passed your Initiate phase, you are welcome to join the guild on any alts you may have.
Alternative chars must be at least lvl 70, in order to don't fill the guild with useless characters keeping our roster cleansed.

If you have multiple level 80’s, you will be asked to designate one character as your raiding main. In most cases, this will be the character with which you applied to the guild (i.e., if you applied as a warrior and were accepted as a warrior, then your warrior will be considered your main, even if you have other comparably geared characters that are also available to raid).

EPGP follows the player rather than the character, so mains and alts contribute to the same points pool.

We do tend to view alts as an asset to the guild rather than as a burden on it. We have had raids saved by alts in the past, such as when a healer had to leave early and another player was able to switch from a DPS main to a healing alt to fill a need.


Q: “Can I switch my main?”

A: Yes, of course -- but it may cost you your raid spot, at least in the short term.

Say you’ve been raiding with us from Day #1 on your Shadow Priest, but have been working on a Rogue as a side project. Now you want to switch mains, and raid primarily on your Rogue. While we want you to play the character that appeals the most to you, a few things have to happen first to ensure a smooth and drama-free transition for the guild.

First and foremost, we need to have 1) a replacement for your Shadow Priest and 2) an opening for your Rogue that couldn’t be filled by someone else’s main. Not all DPS is created equal, and there are some things your Priest could do (crowd control, raid buffs, mana regen, off-heals) that your Rogue can’t do as well, or at all. Of course, the opposite is also true: there are some things the Rogue will excel at that the Shadow Priest can't do. The point is that it isn’t simply a matter of trading one character for another, but of rebalancing the group as a whole.

Secondly -- and this should go largely without saying -- your alt needs to be sufficiently geared for whatever content we’re working on. Since we may or may not be farming old raids, it will be up to you to gear your alt in your spare time so that your alt’s performance is comparable to that of other mains of its class before you make the switch.

Q: “Do I lose EPGP when I switch?”

A: No. EPGP is earned by you, the player, and is shared between all of your characters, regardless of which one you have designated as your main. Unlike your main, which receives loot according to the PR = EP/GP formula, your alt will be prioritized for gear below mains of its class and spec, even if your PR is higher than theirs.
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Alt Policy
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