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 What classes do we need?

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PostSubject: What classes do we need?   Fri Feb 06, 2009 10:58 am


We are currently recruiting these classes.
Open means there should be a spot for you.
Closed means there's not a spot for you. Good luck on your searching.
Pending means there are fewer chances to join cause we already have enough players on that class. You will be taken in consideration just if you really astonish us.

Death Knight = pending

-resto = Open
-moonkin = Open
-feral = pending

Hunter = Open

Mage = pending

-holy = pending
-retri = pending
-protection = closed


-shadow = Open
-holy = pending

= closed

-resto = closed
-elemental = open
-enhancement = closed

Warlock =pending

-fury = closed
-Protection = pending

Anyone who feels that they're a strong enough player to raid in a high-end guild that's of a class not listed above is welcome to apply, as we rarely turn down an excellent applicant.
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What classes do we need?
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